Jason Segel was roommates with Kevin Hart in the 2000s: ‘It was a strange time’

Jason Segel used to share a bathroom with Kevin Hart.

The pair of funnymen were roommates back in the day whiled shooting director Judd Apatow’s unseen TV pilot called “North Hollywood.”

Segel, 42, revealed during a recent chat on the on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” that Apatow, 54, compelled him and the “Think Like A Man” star to live together in an apartment in 2001.

“It was a strange time because we were all so young,” Segel said.

The “Knocked Up” actor added, “None of us had really had that much success yet, and Judd Apatow — in a weird move — made Kevin Hart live with me for like six months.” 

Segel went on to note that Apatow thought “it would be good for the show” if the two lived together. (BTW: Segel and Hart’s leading ladies were set to be “Saturday Night Live” standout Amy Poehler and “Mad Men” star January Jones.)

“And I lived in a one-bedroom apartment,” he continued. “So, all of a sudden, Kevin Hart was living with me, and he’d be like, “Hey man, are you making breakfast? I want some, too.’”

The “How I Met Your Mother” alum also gushed over Hart’s work and said the “Central Intelligence” star is very attentive to his career.

“We would be out doing stuff, you know, being young dudes, and he would stay home and write and write and write. You would think like, ‘Oh, that’s cute,’” he stated. “And then, you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s how you do it.’ That’s how someone ends up being Kevin Hart.”

Segel also starred in Paul Feig and Apatow’s 1999 cult classic series “Freaks and Geeks.” The coming-of-age NBC show only lasted one season, however, the filmmakers divulged last year there was a secret proposal to renew it for a second season.

But the plans never materialized and didn’t move forward back in the early 2000s.

Feig and Apatow told Collider in June 2021 that the dramedy was given the opportunity for another season with MTV, and not NBC.

The cast of “Freaks And Geeks.” From l-r: James Franco (as Daniel), Linda Cardellini (as Lindsay Weir, front, green jacket), Seth Rogen (as Ken Miller, plaid shirt), John Daley (as Sam Weir, front blue striped shirt), Martin Starr (as Bill Havenchuck, back wearing glasses) and Samm Levine (as Neal, far right).
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“When the show was canceled, there was an offer from MTV to continue making the show at a much lower budget,” Apatow said. “And we all decided we didn’t want to do a weaker version of the show.”

“I remember hearing that [MTV offered to pick us up],” Feig said. “We probably just had to lose so much stuff and music and budgets. We were already always strained on our budget as it was.”

The pair ultimately decided to not proceed with the idea. The “Bridesmaids” director added, “And then very quickly after the decisions were made, then you’re kind of like, ‘Oh my God, what did we do? Could we have pulled it off if we had done it?’”

Feig concluded with the sentiment that he doesn’t regret his choice to end the show. He also stands by the series finale episode that gave closure for the characters’ storylines.

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