Couple ‘shocked’ to go viral for posting strict wedding guest rules

No jeans. No kids. No favors. No plus ones.

A couple has gone viral on TikTok after sharing their list of extreme expectations for their wedding guests.

After years of helping others capture their perfect days, Colorado-based wedding and elopement photographer Katyln Rosko, 26, was happy to finally be planning her own nuptials with her fiancé Tyler Watts, 31.

The couple first went viral when they shared a video captioned “hyping ourselves up to tell our wedding guests …” which amassed 11.4 million views and 1.7 million comments in three days.

“I was definitely shocked when the video of me dancing in my towel got 11 million views,” Rosko told The Post.

“I knew the way I wanted my wedding set up was untraditional, but there were tons of brides like me who wanted it that way [but they] just were unsure if it was OK to do. I wanted to show that we’re nervous, too, but that we believe your day should be YOUR day!”

Rosko’s comments were quickly flooded with anecdotes from former brides — and questions from upcoming ones.

“Literally had someone show up to my brothers wedding in short overalls, it was a very formal venue,” Rachael Henninger recalled in TikTok comments. “Omg noooooo!!!!” Rosko replied.

“I’ve only ever been invited to one wedding and they said no kids and I was HYPED I don’t want to bring these damn kids everywhere,” Sydney Peers replied. “We have 3 kids, so a total of 3 kids will be there. we hope they’re the stars,” Rosko explained.

The bride and groom to-be sparked a date over whether or not kids are wedding friendly.

“Never understood wedding favors. The favor is you get to dance and watch me look beautiful,” Melissa Jordan commented. “that… and the FOOD!!!” Rosko replied.

When Oh Bawlz claimed “not allowing a plus one is cheap and tacky,” a heated discussion erupted with over 500 comments of people debating the topic.

Weddings can be a time of high stress and nixed hopes, but the soon-to-be blushing bride is working to help other couples plan their perfect day.

Since the first video went viral, Rosko has followed up with several videos diving into the specifics of how to decide which guests are allowed a plus one, how to state your wedding rules to guests, why you need an FAQ page on your wedding website and wedding trends that are here to stay.

Kaytlyn Rosko and Tyler Watts
Kaytlyn Rosko and Tyler Watts know what they want their wedding day to look like and are establishing clear expectations for their guests before hand.

Rosko has been shooting weddings since 2015 but is still moved to tears every time. “I cry at every single one, no exception. I’m a romantic, ruled by Venus and love.. something about weddings, intimate or otherwise, brings me joy,” she explained to The Post.

“If you’re taking the time to plan a thoughtful celebration, you probably want it to go off without a hitch. Laying out clear expectations may not eliminate every unexpected issue, but it can certainly help! I think it makes a seamless experience for your guests, as well.”

The majority of viewers are supportive of the couple’s decision to set boundaries and clear expectations. Rosko claimed that none of her guests have complained about her rules.

“If you want that at your wedding. You do it. This is the one time in your adult life that you can have whatever you want. It can just be about you if you want,” Rosko insisted in another video.

“This is the day. Adults don’t get many days like this so we should just enjoy it the way that we want to and with the people that we want to.”

Meanwhile, The Post recruited another expert for advice: Rachel White, Atlanta-based wedding photographer and founder of Papillon Visuals, stressed the importance of clearly expressing your expectations to your wedding guest ahead of time if you’re adamant about certain details.

“Some couples are very laid back and won’t mind, while others would feel their day is ruined if someone brings their kids without asking, or a plus one that wasn’t invited,” she explained to The Post.

“Putting forth a dress code, requesting that no littles be in attendance, etc. can really set the atmosphere of the whole reception. Planning your wedding day is all about respecting yourself, because everyone around you will likely try to pull you in a thousand different directions. Listen to your gut as you make some of those major decisions.”

White added, “If having guests follow through with what you request of them is extremely important to you then make sure you stress that to them ahead of time!”

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