‘Crazy’ mom-to-be paints newborn’s toenail to avoid switch at birth

Switching it up? Absolutely not.

A mom-to-be on TikTok shared that she’s afraid of her newborn son being swapped out for another kid at the hospital following his birth.

Her solution? She plans to paint one of her son’s toenails immediately after giving birth to avoid a hospital snafu.

“People think I’m crazy for thinking of painting my son’s toenail when he’s born,” the pregnant mama, who goes by the name My Sahm Lifestyle on the social media platform, wrote in a caption over her video.

“[I’m] paranoid because I’ve heard of babies being switched at birth so whatever works & keeps me at ease I’ll do!” the 30-year-old continued on the clip, which was set to the tune of Patsy Cline’s 1961 hit, “Crazy.” The user’s video has earned more than 2,000 likes and almost 60,000 views so far.

In her caption, she scribed, “Have y’all seen switched at birth? Yeah.. he’s getting a cute white or blue toe at birth lmfao.”

“Switched at Birth” was a 2011 drama series that premiered on ABC Family (now Freeform), where two teens who were switched at birth and grew up in vastly different environments and experienced dissimilar home lives. The show was praised at the time for featuring deaf actors and their in-depth use of American Sign Language.

Commenters expressed their own opinions about the idea. “I just didn’t let them take my baby out the room whatsoever,” one user wrote. “They did everything right in front of me.”

The TikTok influencer even replied back, saying: “Of course, I want that too but sometimes things can happen 😏 I want to be extra prepared in case baby has to leave room 😳.”

“People think I’m crazy for thinking of painting my son’s toenail when he’s born,” she wrote in her video.

“My baby never left the room. they did all the test in front of me & he had a bracelet on w/ my name ofc,” another commented.

Someone else, presumably pregnant, gave their two cents, agreeing with Sahm: “I did it with my daughter and I’m going to do it with this baby.”

“Our hospital has security bands that lock down the whole floor also they have to make sure that baby’s band numbers match moms band, ” another user wrote.

One discussed an alarming experience that she claimed her boyfriend’s mom went through after she gave birth. “My bfs mom kept getting woken up to feed him she got fed up and was like ‘There’s no way he’s hungry!’ and turns out she was feeding another baby too,” they said.

“I’m doing a personalized bracelet… you never know what can happen.. better safe than sorry,” someone else penned.

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