I let my niece pick out her own nails – trolls are blasting me for her choice

Being the “cool” aunt means letting your niece or nephew have all of the fun and best gifts.

But for one woman, trying to be the cool aunt ended up backfiring on her.

A woman named Savannah has shared in a video that her decision to let her niece pick out her nails did not end up so well.

In the video, she wrote the message: “Was trying to be a good aunt and take my 8-year-old niece to get some cute fake nails cause her mom approved and then…”

The camera then points to Savannah’s niece, who is proudly showing off her long, black stiletto-shaped nails.

In the video’s caption, Savannah wrote: “Like she couldn’t of picked any other shape?!”

In the comments section, people were having a heyday over the little girl’s nail choice.

One person wrote: That’s my favorite nail shape but girl 8!?!? At 8 I was getting just a paint and dorky design.

“Kids really are growing so much faster now.”

Another commented: “Never. My daughter wouldn’t be allowed to choose claws lol.”

“Kid saw the opportunity and TOOK IT WITH HER,” someone commented.

Savannah wanted to be a cool aunt.
I wanted to be a cool aunt
“Never. My daughter wouldn’t be allowed to choose claws lol,” one commenter wrote.

One cheeky comment read: “Wait till she watches your kids or pets or whatever, sister payback is the best!”

Someone else quipped: “Oh nahhhhhh!!! Girl where were you when they were working, you had all that time to say something!!”

To this, Savannah responded: “They already had the shape and they couldn’t understand what I was saying so I just left it and it made her smile so.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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