Inside Ritz-Carlton’s 623-foot Evrima mega-yacht set to sail this year

If you’ve ever wanted to go on a super-yacht without the expensive of chartering one, Ritz-Carlton could have the vessel for you.

The luxury brand has revealed more details about its Evrima yacht, which is technically a fancy cruise ship for 298 guests and 235 staff.

The vessel is still described as a superyacht despite the aim of using it for cruise holidays.

It’s 623 feet long and comes with many extravagant features.

Some of these features have been revealed already in concept images.

An average cruise ship is about 1,000 feet long but Evirma has been designed to have a more personal feel to it.

This includes a Marina terrace, which is said to be similar to a private beach.

It’s close to the water and comes complete with lots of water toys for ocean based activities.

You wouldn’t find this on a regular cruise ship.

The yacht has a sunbathing deck that leads to the ocean.
Bedroom the the Ritz-Carlton Evrima yacht
Each bedroom comes with its own concierge service.

All suites on the ship have their own private terrace.

Each suite also has a personal concierge to help guests with their specific needs.

There’s also an “owner’s suite” with a private whirlpool and spectacular dining area.

The suite is designed to make you feel like you’re the owner of the super-yacht.

The Ritz-Carlton Evrima yacht
The super-yacht can fit 298 guests.

Outside the suites, there’s a fully equipped gym, a Ritz-Carlton spa, cocktail lounge and a special area for smoking cigars.

Ritz-Carlton will send the luxury vessel on its maiden voyage later this year.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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