Pixie Rose finds her husband’s doppelganger at the gym

A woman was left stunned when she thought her husband walked past her at the gym – only to find out it was his doppelganger.

Pixie Rose took to TikTok after her discovery, to share a video of her husband Caleb taking their baby to the gym to meet the other man.

“So there’s a guy at the gym who looks like Caleb and we’re about to take baby in to see if he can tell the difference between them,” she explained.

In the clip, the trio were seen entering the gym, where Andy was waiting for them.

As his dad held him, the baby looked confused as he stared at his father and Andy, going back and forth.

The men looked almost identical – with their long brown hair worn in ponytails – other than the glasses that Caleb wore.

But once Andy had nabbed Caleb’s glasses, the tot was even more confused.

Pixie captioned the video: “My husbands doppelgänger! It’s so crazy seeing them in person. No they’re not related at all!”

At the end of the video, Caleb and Andy were seen standing side by side, with people taking to the comments section to express their shock at the likeness between the pair.

TikTok user Pixie Lace Rose met a man at her gym that strongly resembled her husband Caleb.
@pixielacerose/ TikTok

“Omg at first I was like yes a little bit, but the side by side at the end blew my mind,” one person wrote.

“Someone’s dad has some explaining to do,” another added.

“It looks like they have similar mannerisms too omg,” a third commented, to which Pixie replied: “Yes!!!!

Caleb baby
They decided to introduce their baby to the doppelganger, Adam, to see if he could tell the difference.
@pixielacerose/ TikTok

“It’s also why I thought it was my husband at first when I saw him walk past me.”

“Ain’t no way they’re not related, they don’t look the same but their features are almost identical,” another person wrote.

With Pixie adding: “If you told me they were brothers I’d believe it haha.”

“The baby looked at you like ‘you seeing this?!’” someone else commented.

Caleb Adam Baby
The baby was confused when he met Adam.
@pixielacerose/ TikTok

This story originally appeared on the Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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