Women could take ‘on-demand’ contraceptive right before sex: researchers

Researchers have discovered a potential new form of “on-demand” birth control for women.

Experts from Stanford University had “promising results” when using a combination of the morning-after pill and an arthritis drug to “disrupt ovulation at peak fertility.”

The last-minute contraceptive cocktail “may be the best candidate” for a birth control option taken orally just before sex, according to the study.

For the study, nine women aged 18 to 35 were given a one-time dose of 30 milligrams of ulipristal acetate — a morning-after pill — and 30 milligrams of meloxicam — an arthritis drug — during the luteal surge, or the days leading up to ovulation when it is hardest to disrupt.

The research concluded that ovulation was disrupted in six of the women, with eight of them meeting some criteria for incomplete ovulation.

A contraceptive cocktail mixing a morning-after pill and an arthritis drug was found to sometimes disrupt ovulation.
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The drugs were found to increase the women’s cycles by three days and lower levels of the hormone progesterone.

The “promising” results concluded that the drug combination can interrupt ovulation “when conception risk is highest” but noted that more research is necessary.

Current birth control options for women often include unreliable options like having to take a pill at the same time every day or undesirable effects such as hormone imbalances.

More women are forgoing or delaying motherhood today but recent changes in laws across the country restricting access to abortion and the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade have even seen some women choosing to pursue sterilization.

While female birth control has always been the common option, many health companies have begun pushing other forms of male contraception as scientists study options for a male birth control pill and even an injection.

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