You’ve been cleaning your toilet brush all wrong

There’s nothing better than having a clean home – especially as we get into the spring season. 

With the thousands of cleaning hacks out there, it’s good to get a steer on which ones work best. 

And one woman, who goes by the name of Aesthetically in Home on TikTok, has shared one particular cleaning hack which she thinks is “the best.” 

She shows a super cheap technique on how to clean your toilet brush so it stays fresher for longer. All you need is toilet bleach.

In the video, she first starts off with taking the toilet brush out of the holder and resting it over the top of the toilet bowl and underneath the lid.

She says: “Always leave the toilet brush to air dry.”

The TikToker then gets bleach and pours it into the device which holds the brush. 

She says: “Adding some toilet cleaner in the toilet brush holder creates extra freshness.”

The cleaning fan then put the toilet brush back into the holder.

And other cleaning fans headed straight to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One person commented: “Never thought about putting in some cleaner in the bottom of the brush holder. 

Many viewers replied to the cleaning hack, commenting that they learned something new.
TikTok / @Aestheticallyinhome

“Great tips thanks!”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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