Biden sees no evil on inflation and other commentary

Conservative: Biden Sees No Evil on Inflation

“There’s something strange about the way that inflation . . . falls out of the news cycle for days or even weeks,” notes Jim Geraghty at National Review — as the media dodge “the issue that is currently crushing” President Biden and congressional Dems. “The Biden administration’s approach” is “to just insist that the economy is doing great and hope people believe it,” since “there is no way a government can spend its way out of an inflation crisis” but “that’s what Biden and his team want to do.” Tellingly, “with poll after poll showing that inflation is foremost in voters’ minds,” the prez isn’t remotely “showcasing what his administration is doing to solve it.”

Liberal: How the Left Lost Me

“Lifelong Democrat” Colin Wright explains in The Wall Street Journal why he drew the cartoon that Elon Musk tweeted out last week: “Over the past decade, and especially the past five years, I’ve watched my party distance itself from the values and principles I hold dear.” Lefties “once viewed free speech as sacrosanct and championed speaking truth to power. Now they disparage open expression as a danger to democracy and minorities.” Add the rise of “identity politics and ‘equity’ initiatives that prioritize group interests over individual rights.” In his own field, evolutionary biology, “simple truths, supported by both science and common sense — such as ‘male and female are real biological categories defined by reproductive anatomy’ — became taboo. For my great sin of stating plain biological facts and advocating for civil discourse, I endured relentless smears as ‘transphobic’ [and] ‘white supremacist.’ ”

Legal take: Prez Can’t Forgive Student Loans

President Biden has no authority to “force taxpayers to pay off other people’s student loans,” argues former White House legal adviser May Davis at The Federalist. Congress hasn’t authorized broad action, but forgiveness only in specific cases — and statutes must be read “recognizing that Congress does not ‘hide elephants in mouseholes.’ ” In reality, federal subsidies “are causing college to become unaffordable and many graduates cannot find jobs.” Inflation-adjusted college fees have doubled since 1964, meaning “colleges are consciously raising their costs, knowing students will just borrow” ever-larger amounts. If pols really want bailouts, how about making universities pay half? Such incentives can lead to “good-paying jobs” for students and a “more prosperous” nation.

Neocon: A Gerrymander Too Far

“Democratic activists and their allies in media” convinced themselves the GOP “secured political power” because it “gamed the system,” recalls Commentary’s Noah Rothman, so “Democrats, too, needed ‘to play dirty to win,’ ” as one said. Well, “New York listened to the activist left, and look what happened”: The Legislature and Gov. Hochul produced “as aggressive a Democratic gerrymander as possible” after wresting “the decennial redistricting process from the hands of the Independent Redistricting Commission.” The maps were “breathtaking” in their “audacity,” likely halving the state’s GOP congressional delegation, but “surely” the Dem-appointed judges hearing legal challenges “would be in on the scheme.” Nope: The court threw out the maps. This “debacle” should teach Democrats “the extent to which they bought into their own paranoid narratives.”

Historian: Dems are the New Disinformationists

Team Biden’s new Disinformation Governance Board head, Nina Jankowicz, “previously had spread false rumors on social media that Donald Trump voters would show up at the polls in 2020 armed, and joined the mob’s chorus that Hunter Biden’s laptop was ‘Russian disinformation,’ ” snarks Victor Davis Hanson at American Greatness. The Board “will use the federal government’s powers to adjudicate what Americans say as either true or false — and to suppress as ‘disinformation’ anything it doesn’t find useful.” This new war on “disinformation” aims “to distract us from the Biden disaster.” With seven months until midterms, it will spin high gas prices “as welcome,” inflation as useful and crime “as a mere construct.” What “good Orwellians.”

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