Judge Lindley gets it (mostly) wrong

Half a cheer for the Hon. Stephen Lindley: On Friday the state appellate judge ruled that Patrick McAllister, the judge who tossed out New York’s blatantly unconstitutional Dem-drawn legislative maps, can appoint a special master to create a new map for House districts if the Legislature refuses to draw a fair one.

But Lindley didn’t do the same for the map of state Senate districts. It will stand unless the Court of Appeals rules otherwise when it hears the case. 

Huh? Lindley rightly noted that the redistricting process was “flawed from the outset,” referred to the tossed maps as “unconstitutional” and noted that NY primaries can be held as late as Aug. 24 and still pass federal muster. 

Yet he’s still suggesting a possible victory for the state Democratic lawmakers who rammed through these blatantly unconstitutional maps: Namely, a map drawn to lock in permanent Dem control of the state Senate.

That is, the very lawmakers who defied the voters’ will, embodied in the state Constitution, may succeed in ensuring that the voters’ desires will never matter again. The party whose high-taxing, soft-on-crime policies are killing this state will become unstoppable.

Judge Patrick McAllister ruled that new congressional and legislative district maps were illegally gerrymandered to benefit Democrats.
AP/Vaughn Golden

McAllister correctly ruled all the maps unconstitutional. The Court of Appeals needs to uphold his full decision, or New York is doomed. 

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