Obama’s Russia misinformatoin and other commentary

Neocon: Obama’s Russia Misinformation

“Barack Obama’s performance at a conference on disinformation” leaves us wondering “whether the former president set out to combat deception or contribute to it,” snarks Commentary’s Noah Rothman. Obama insisted that he dragged Europe “kicking and screaming to respond” to Russia’s 2014 Ukraine invasion and that “the Vladimir Putin he knew and could work with” was a different man. Either Obama “doesn’t much recall his presidency, or he assumes you won’t.” His White House “lobbied against the passage of sweeping sanctions” like the Magnitsky Act and “never applied them.” And the “Putin he knew” was the same man “who is implicated in the murder of critical journalists, who tore Grozny to the ground, invaded Georgia, and slaughtered innocents in Syria.” By “licensing” Putin’s “audacity,” Obama “made the world a more dangerous place.”

Election watch: Hispanics ‘Gave Up’ on Dems

“Recent polling suggests that the rightward drift” of America’s Hispanic voters “has continued since” the 2016 election, observes Alex Perez at Unherd, though “the first evidence of this political shift was met with incredulity.” After the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 “polling showed that Hispanics . . . were against the protests” while Democrats demanded people “kneel at the altar of the new social justice religion.” And while “the Democrats’ socialism-tinged rhetoric became blatantly anti-American,” then-President Donald Trump “continued to offer an unabashedly pro-America shtick.” And “the Democratic response to the pandemic” pushed Hispanics even farther away. The GOP should note that “even if Trump doesn’t run in 2024, his brand of Republicanism is so popular with Hispanics that it will play a crucial part in the election.”

Trans woman: What I Wish I’d Known at 19

“I know now that I wasn’t old enough to make” the decision to choose sex-reassignment surgery at 19, Corinna Cohn confesses at The Washington Post. “I believed that I would be more successful finding love as a woman than as a man,” but several of her high-school “crushes were also gay. If I had confessed my interest, what might have developed?” Yet: “Today, I have resigned myself to never finding a partner.” Above all: “I chose an irreversible change before I’d even begun to understand my sexuality.” While “I may well have transitioned even after waiting a few years,” her advice to young people today is: “Learning to fit in your body is a common struggle. . . . Slow down. You may yet decide to make the change. But if you explore the world by inhabiting your body as it is, perhaps you’ll find that you love it more than you thought possible.”

Economist: Behind Lower Real Wages

The economy has enjoyed “the fastest job growth in almost four decades,” notes Jason Furman at The Wall Street Journal, yet “inflation-adjusted wages are falling faster than they have in 40 years.” With prices up 8.5% in the 12 months through March, and wages up only 5.6%, inflation-adjusted wages are down 2.7%. Worse, the “hot economy” can also threaten the “sustainability of job growth itself.” “Next time, let’s remember that it’s better to heat the economy by putting one log on the fire at a time instead of throwing them all on at once.”

Election beat: Oz Endorse Shocks Trumpies

That “Trump unexpectedly endorsed Mehmet Oz . . . better known as Dr. Oz,” for Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate nomination “left many dedicated Trump supporters perplexed,” reports The Washington Examiner’s Salena Zito. Why “choose someone who had not resonated with conservatives in such a key state on the Senate map?” Trump touted Oz’s “celebrity status, Harvard credentials, New York Times bestseller status, and praise for the former president’s health.” But: “Interviews with Republican primary voters across the state, even those who consider themselves staunch Trump supporters, suggest they aren’t necessarily going to follow his lead.”

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