Progressives’ Elon Musk nightmare and other commentary

Iconoclast: Progressives’ Musk Nightmare

“  ‘A brave new nightmare.’ Those words from former Labor Secretary Robert Reich described the threat created by Elon Musk’s bid to restore free speech values by buying Twitter,” snarks Jonathan Turley at USA Today. “Yet, despite warnings that censorship is necessary ‘for democracy to survive,’ neither” Musk “nor ordinary citizens appear to be sufficiently terrified of free speech.” For years, liberals dodged “constitutional bans on censorship by using companies like Twitter and Facebook. Now, that successful strategy could be curtailed as shareholders join figures like Musk in objecting to corporations and media acting like a surrogate state media.” Worse: “They are now calling for outright state censorship.”

Liberal: Dems Face an Electoral “Geyser

Americans aren’t “merely unhappy with their political leadership, but awash in fears about economic security, border security, international security and even physical security,” warns Clinton adviser Mark Penn at The New York Times. “Without a U-turn by the Biden administration, this fear will generate a wave election like those in 1994 and 2010” and flip the House and Senate and then the presidency in 2024. “Cascading” problems combine “the nuclear anxieties of the 1950s and ’60s with the inflation threat of the ’70s, the crime wave of the ’80s and ’90s and the tensions over illegal immigration in the 2000s and beyond.” The result: “a deep national fissure ready to blow like a geyser.”

Foreign desk: US-China “Cold War” = Fantasy

The idea of a US v. China cold war, Jeremy Stern argues at Tablet, is at odds with “the reality”: “US firms . . . increasing investment in Chinese semiconductor companies and accelerating gas and coal exports to China” while “US elites advocate for a transition to renewable energy technologies dominated” by Beijing. Our “policymakers might be less comfortable with the return of great power rivalry than they’ve been letting on.” Why? “Couching US China policy in terms of a ‘new Cold War’ ’’ suggests “two self-enclosed blocs” who “compete with each other,” a “stratagem” that “helps relieve the uncomfortable impression that the US leadership class often gives of amassing fortunes by selling off their own country while plunging ordinary citizens into economic hardship.”

Democrat: End the Feds’ Charter-School Attack

“Republicans are making inroads with voters by focusing on education, portraying Democrats as out of touch with the concerns of parents and captive to teachers unions,” and “the Department of Education risks playing into their hands” with a plan to restrict public-charter-school funding “that’s bad politics and even worse policy,” laments Michael Bloomberg at BloombergQuint. Top “charter schools are reducing or eliminating the racial-achievement gap,” and “polls show strong support for expanding charter schools, especially among Black and Latino voters.” But the plan would “severely limit opportunities for families to choose” new charters, forcing “more students into failing schools where enrollment is declining.” What “a tragedy” to rob minority students “of the chance to attend the high-quality schools they deserve.” The White House must “intervene before it’s too late.”

From the left: TV Experts’ Hidden Ties

“TV news programs” routinely “identify guests by illustrious past official titles, and not by their current lobbying ties or positions on corporate boards,” gripes TK News’ Matt Taibbi. That includes “most every industry, from health care to big Pharma to energy to Big Tech and beyond.” CNN’s Brianna Keilar brought in ex-FDA head Scott Gottlieb to discuss the OK of a Pfizer booster without noting “that he’s a current Pfizer board member.” And “blue-party dinosaur Tom Daschle is still introduced most often as a former Senate Majority Leader, even though his day job for nearly a decade has been hoovering cash from health care titans like Aetna and Blue Cross/Blue Shield” for top law firms. Worse, now some networks allow “ex-officials to take jobs as lobbyists and sign on for paid on-air contributor gigs at the same time.”

— Compiled by The Post Editorial Board

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